Assemblies provide an important opportunity for us to meet as a school and give us all the chance to share common events and experiences. Assemblies are seen as vital in promoting a sense of community, and provide valuable opportunities for both adults and children to take time to be reflective. A typical week might look like this:

Monday: Class Assembly

Tuesday: Key Stage Assembly

Wednesday: Class Assembly (these are filmed in advance and shared via a private link due to the pandemic) 

Thursday: Singing Assembly

Friday: Special Mentions Assembly

At the Special Mentions assembly, children are nominated for an award by their teacher. This is seen as a positive way of acknowledging good behaviour, celebrating a positive attitude to learning and relationships or anything positive that has been noticed and is significant for the child. Parents are welcome to attend this assembly which begins at 9.05am.

The Headteachers or Assistant Headteachers are responsible for leading whole school assemblies. Teachers lead Key Stage and Class assemblies. The music teacher or any other teacher with musical ability leads the singing assembly.