Autism provision

Marlborough is an autism-friendly school and welcomes children with autism into our mainstream school as well as into our specialist provision, Anstruther House.

The provision, when full, will be able to cater for 12 primary age children and is specifically designed for children with a primary diagnosis of autism whose needs can’t be fully met in a mainstream classroom.

Admission to the provision is decided by the local authority SEN panel in conjunction with the school.

The provision is staffed by two full-time teachers for children with autism whoa re supported by a number of teaching assistants who are experienced and trained in supporting children with autism. The school also has access to a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and music therapist.

In Anstruther House have access to  the swing in the Bodyshop as well as the sensory room lights and projector. Students are linked to a mainstream class and are their mainstream peers visit for games and play opportunities. 

Please click here to see our information leaflet.

For further information contact the school or to come and talk to us.