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At Marlborough the staff and governors have high expectations of behaviour. The school has a very clear policy on behaviour and a rigorous Anti-bullying policy. In cases of persistent difficulty parents will be consulted as to the best way to help their child. Adults and children are expected to treat each other with respect and politeness. Abusive and bad language is unacceptable, as is any form of fighting or name calling. Each class teacher has a class behaviour plan which is put together with the children in September. Copies go to every home so parents can reinforce the school’s agreed expectations. If a situation arises in school our policy is to deal with this fairly with all involved. Letters are sent to parents when children have, for example, been involved in fighting or using bad language.

The school rewards children for their behaviour and learning. There are in class reward systems and teachers give out postcards to children to bring home. There are 11 different cards for children to collect. Once a week a child is chosen for a special mention from the Headteacher in the Friday assembly. Once a month a child from each class is chosen to attend a special healthy tea with the Headteacher. Children are given slips for being polite during the week. The slips are put into a lottery box and one child from each class receives a small prize in Friday assembly.