Curriculum Statement

Our Guiding Curriculum Principles

We wish for all children to have a rich and meaningful experience of learning throughout their time at Marlborough so that they enjoy and achieve, both academically and personally. We aim to provide a varied curriculum that offers more than the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

We aspire to provide a curriculum for all children at Marlborough that:

  • Provides purposeful and innovative learning experiences within inclusive and enabling environments which stimulate, excite and interest all children and are tailored to the child’s needs and experiences
  • Provides collaborative and independent learning experiences promoting curiosity and creativity whilst aiming for mastery through opportunities for proving, explaining, exploring, re-applying,
  • Enables learners to pose questions and follow lines of enquiry, deepening their understanding and becoming reflective learners
  • Develops a broad range of skills including: communication, English, mathematics, computing, citizenship, teamwork, sportsmanship, life and social skills
  • Enables children to be proficient users of advancing technology
  • Results in confident, self-assured, emotionally intelligent, resilient life-long learners
  • Involves parents and the community, celebrating and reflecting our multiculturalism

Curriculum experiences offered to all children by the end of Year 6

By the time children leave Marlborough in Year 6 they should have had, as a minimum, the opportunity to:

  • Visit a church, mosque, temple and a synagogue
  • Visit an art gallery and a museum and work with visitors on arts based projects
  • Take part in a residential school journey
  • Visit a farm
  • Learn a language
  • Perform in front of an audience
  • Sing in a concert
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Take part in school sports events and activities including swimming

We aim for a Marlborough child to be:

  • A reflective lover of learning who is not afraid to make mistakes and use them as a learning opportunity
  • Independent, articulate, confident and well balanced
  • Aware of their rights and responsibilities and those of others
  • Knowledgeable about how to be, and stay, healthy
  • A creative thinker
  • Happy, motivated and enthusiastic about life and learning
  • Proud of their personal achievements and those of their school
  • A good sport!
  • Streetwise, safe and conscious of their surroundings and how to look after their world
  • Respectful, sociable and polite, caring and co-operative
  • Proud of their background and culture whilst being aware and knowledgeable about the culture of others
  • Able to sustain meaningful positive relationships with their peers and adults