Making transitions

How we support children joining our school and leaving our school – and making transitions

When a child comes in to our Nursery or Reception class, a member of staff will collect information and records from previous Nursery provision.

If we are aware prior to entry of significant SEND issues, or a child already has an EHCP then we will try and organise a professional’s transition meeting from current provision. We always encourage parents to visit our Nursery or Reception classes prior to entry. We plan carefully to help children to feel safe and settle in. We have “Settling in” days, “Lunch-time visits” and “Playground visits”.

When a child moves up to the next class, we organise “Hand-Over” meetings where teachers and support staff make sure that the new teacher and Teaching Assistant have a clear understanding of the needs of all children.

We also provide an opportunity for parents and their children with SEND to meet the new teacher and teaching assistant before the start of the school year. For some children we may also arrange a number of ‘visits’ to their new class during the summer term and use photo storybooks to ease the transition. Parents are also able to visit the new classroom and get to know the new adults who will be teaching and supporting their children.

When a child comes to our school in the middle of a term, we plan a range of support – depending on the particular needs of each child.

Primary to Secondary

Key focus
Support for move to new building and curriculum

Support for friendships and well being

Planning support for learning

Who’s involved
Primary + Secondary leaders of SEND

Head of Year

Learning Mentors

What we do
Attend Induction days

Hold Transition meetings with parents

Invite Visitors from secondary schools to our school

Secondary leader of SEND attends Year 6 Annual Reviews

Transition Groups

Mid-term admissions

Key focus
Support for coming to a new school – e.g. learning, friendships and well-being

Who’s involved
Leader of SEND

What we do
Meet pupil and parents

Assess needs

Go through classroom routines and weekly timetable

Tour the school

Regular check-ins by leadership team once child in school