Message from the Executive Head and Head of School

We are very proud to be the leaders of such an exciting school. The school community is warm and welcoming, and everyone is valued. It is the children, however, who make Marlborough such a great place to be each day.

At Marlborough ‘Achievement for All’ is our aim. The children are at the heart of all we do. They are a truly diverse group who, together with our guidance and support, learn to understand their similarities and differences within an inclusive school culture that promotes tolerance and respect, and teaches them how to be positive members of British society.

The staff at Marlborough are, like the children, from a range of backgrounds. But the vision of the school is shared by all. Every staff member understands that we are all here to enable every child to be as successful as they can be and that this can only happen if they have the very highest of expectations of themselves as well as the children.

Marlborough caters for children from the age of 3 to 11. Children have access to a broad and rich experience of learning and life through a stimulating and creative culturally rich curriculum. As a school located in the heart of London we take every opportunity to work in partnership with established organisations such as the Royal College of Music and Kensington Palace, and make best use of the museums and art galleries which are close by. The school is fortunate to be able to employ a specialist singing teacher and Everyday Magic storytellers, as well as having state-of-the-art resources to support learning. Marlborough prides itself on being a community of learners, and engages parents as the chief educators of their children.

The children at Marlborough have a genuine love of learning and strive to be the best they can be within our safe, happy and friendly school environment.

We aim for excellence in all we do and look forward to welcoming you to our successful and forward thinking school.

Jagdeep Birdi                          Sally Keck

Executive Head                       Head of School