School meals

An on-site school kitchen provides a varied and healthy menu each day serving hot meals with halal, non halal and vegetarian options. No pork is served. Only organic milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables are used and the menu includes salads, fruit and milk. We use Fish that is MSC compliant from sustainable sources and meat that is Red Tractor Farm assured. The menus are planned in partnership with a group of children (the Foodie Group) and in line with the nutritional guidelines, thus ensuring the food provides a balanced meal to all the children.

If you would like to order School Meals for your child you can click here for the link to WISEPAY. If you pay for school dinners and your child is off sick for more than four days you will not be charged for the meal your child has not taken. If your child has a special diet due to medical or religious reasons please let us know. It is vital that the school is aware of any food allergies your child may have.

Caterlink at Marlborough School

Menus Oct 18 – April 19