At Marlborough Primary School our vision for mathematics is that it we follow

‘A number based approach to allow for fluent recall and confident problem solving across the curriculum’.

Our aim is that all children become confident at using and applying mathematical knowledge and skills in order to solve problems involving numbers, shape, data and measures by using a range of familiar methods and strategies.


A calculation policy ensures that children are taught a consistent approach to progression of mental and written calculation strategies. We aim to reduce the number of strategies that children are taught in order that they can develop a firm grasp of a few select strategies for each operation, which they feel confident in using.

Maths Passports*
Each child from Year 1 to 6 has a Maths Passport. Children’s progress through basic number skills are linked to particular continents. Once one continent is completed, the child’s progress is celebrated and they travel to the next continent with a new passport to work on targets with greater challenge.  The challenge for each child is to constantly improve their mental maths.

*With the permission of Ray Maher.